Robert Foley “The Griffin”, 2009

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We’re going to start this blog off with one of my all time favorite wines. Robert Foley “The Griffin”, 2009.
A Napa Valley, California red made up of 50% Petite Sirah, 37% Cabernet Savignon, and 13% Merlot.
I first bought this wine, years ago, because it contained a small percentage of the charbano grape. The 2009 vintage is made without the charbano in it’s blend, but this has not hurt “The Griffin” at all. These winemakers know what they’re doing and they do it well.
Pull the cork and inhale the floral notes. Pour a glass of inky red wine, swirl and daydream over it’s slow moving legs. Take a sip of a confident wine, a wine with subtle cherry notes, a wine that doesn’t engage heavy tannins to throw it’s weight around.
Drink by itself or toss a thick, garlic rubbed steak on the grill to accompany it.


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