Blood Of The Vine Series

Blood of the Vine DVD

I was loaned the DVD’s of this French series because I am a lover of all things concerning wine. These are murder mysteries which all take place in the French wine regions, are all tied in some way to wine, or Armagnac or Champagne, etc. Lots of fun to watch. The main character is charming and lovable, the scenery is romantic, the wine cellars are inspiring and the murder mysteries are worth getting involved. The series is in the French language, of course, but if you don’t speak French, the subtitles keep it light and don’t drag you away from the imagery. Enjoy!


2002 Louis Latour, Chassagne-Montrachet, 1st Cru


We, who love our Burgundies, are very careful with them. We watch their storage like they could awake at any moment, when we’re not around, and cry out for attention.
I would venture to say that when it is a white Burgundy, that sentiment is doubled.
However, opening this wine for our Sunday lunch today, I found that my pampering had paid off. And by pampering I mean I watched the humidity, and I left this little bastard alone. In the dark. And although tempted, I refrained from touching it.
And it paid off.
I love you Louis Latour.

Wine Series With Andrea Robinson

If you happen to be snowed in or you find yourself with some spare time, click on the Le Creuset website picture on the right hand side of this blog, then click on the wine series with Andrea Robinson. There are entertaining snippets of wine knowledge. For some of us it will all be new, for some of us it will simply be a way of “brushing up”. Enjoy!
….and don’t think for one minute that because I have not placed a wine review here today means I’m not indulging in some fine wines!

1997 Chateau Brane-Cantenac, Margaux, Grand Cru Bordeaux


This morning, in the Financial Times, I read that 97 Bordeaux’s should probably be poured now because they could be on the decline as far as aging is concerned. So I went down to the cellar to rummage through my 97’s and this is the bottle I chose.
The conclusion: It tastes like “Butta”!
I’m so glad I listened to Jancis Robinson.