Tortilla Bowl

OK….we fell for it! One night we saw an infomercial for the Perfect Tortilla pan. Looked like a great idea, but when I went online to check it out, found it to be, in my opinion, overpriced (shipping ends up being more than the pans). So, the other afternoon, Sandy came back with a huge smile on her face. Guess what she found at CVS in the “as seen on tv isle”? The Perfect Tortilla pans. No shipping costs!

We love them! We are calling them our “leftovers” tortilla pans.
Get yourselves the pans, a pack of 8″ or 10″ tortillas (we used 8″ and they go to the top of the pans), line the baked bottoms with shredded lettuce (we used romaine) then pile in the goodies. We used leftover roasted veggies, shredded leftover chicken, ripe avocadoes, leftover salsa from the farmers market and sour cream.
Later on, Sandy filled one with vanilla frozen yogurt and dusted it with cinnamon sugar.


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