2010 Chateau Vannieres, Cotes de Provence


A while back, someone asked me for suggestions on what she should serve with her Thanksgiving meal. I came up with a variety of wines, one of which was a nice bottle of chilled rose’. She responded by saying that she really didn’t like rose’s, they’re too sweet and sticky.
I hear that a lot. And I know where they’re coming from. Years ago, rose’s were sweet and sticky and if you didn’t like them then, why would you come back for more.
However, things have changed. Rose’s are fabuous! They have a hint of sweetness, they are crisp and dry, they are versatile. Open a bottle to have with pork or seafood chowder or a salad or fruit or even dessert. A nice chilled rose’ is perfect with a hot summer night, and a couple of good friends on a front porch.
A friend of mine brought this bottle back for me from Provence. It hits all the marks of a good rose’. I don’t know if this particular brand can be found in the U.S., but there are many very good rose’s out there. Just ask around and enjoy!


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