1997 Borgogno Barolo Classico Riserva


Today we celebrate 19 years together so last night I went to the cellar and brought out something to take with us tonight when we dine at our favorite local Italian restaurant, Domani Star.
Tommorow I’ll add a review of the wine on to this post and I’ll describe the meal we had with it!
It is 12:38 on a Saturday afternoon right now, I’ve got the Hot Club Of Philadelphia CD playing, the ground is covered with bright white and sparkling snow and it’s best to find something to do indoors. Too cold outside.
It’s taking all of my will-power not to uncork this bottle and give it a try!

As I’ve said with other older bottles of wine, I’m always concerned that the wine might not have stored well and that it has become tainted. That’s why I brought an alternate bottle with me to Domani Star. I was not about to eat a meal without a few glasses of wine.
Once more, I had nothing to worry about. My attentiveness to humidity level in the wine cellar paid off.
I brought our servers attention to the age of the wine and warned the cork could be trouble. She peeled off the foil and showed me the top of the cork. It showed some slight mold. Sandy was concerned. I was not.
The cork came out beautifully. The wine had survived and matured nicely.
There were notes of mushrooms and dirt. The wine was smooth with strong, tamed tannins. The wine was awesome!
As for our meal, we started by sharing the polenta with gorganzola sauce (look in our recipe section), then shared a spring greens and sprouts salad with persimmon, strawberries and blueberries, pumpkin seeds and a maple vinegerette, I ordered their spaghetti and meatballs (their meatballs are the best I’ve ever had. They can also be had as an appetizer, served with lemon slices to squeeze on top), Sandy enjoyed shrimp fra diablo over linguine and we finished the meal by sharing a piece of ricotta cheesecake and coffee.
Like I said…..we were not counting calories that night. It was all well worth it.


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