2010 Santa Julia Magna, Mendoza Argentina


As I’ve originally stated, I won’t be influenced by outside forces when it comes to reviewing a wine. Well, this wine was $10.99 per bottle, and being willing, once again, to dig through the masses and try all that seemed worthwhile, I belive I found a little gem. Semi-precious….not a diamond!
This is not a high roller, but it’s a great everyday wine. It offers everything you’d need to pair it with spicy foods, burgers, and foods with intense flavors, yet surprisingly, it doesn’t insult your palate.
Many times, at this price, what you get is grape jelly runoff.
Deep dark cherries, smoke and cocoa are it’s main accents. The tannins are medium, alcohol is 14%. I suppose the wine would score around an 89.
I put a case of it in the cellar for an “everyday” and gift wine. Can’t go wrong.


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