2010 Ransom Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon


Anyone who knows me, knows I love French burgundies. My pinot noir is always French. But recently my wine supplier, Carl, from Central Liquors, suggested I try this wine.
Now…..I won’t say I never stray, I rarely stray. Yet with this wine, my head was turned and I am interested! And it’s not French….it’s American. So, if like me, you enjoy a scrumptious French burgundy…..give this wine a taste. I really doubt you’ll be disappointed.
I’ll quote from the back of the bottle and be done with this post:
“This bottle is meant to heighten the sense of delight and fulfillment found in gathering to eat and drink. It is the function of wine and food to enhance fellowship, discussion and the exchange of ideas. So visit the market, invite over some friends, and raise a toast to health and happiness through good meals, conversation and socializing.”


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