1999 Brunello De Montalcino


I’m still getting tomatoes and peppers from my garden so the other night I made a sauce from them, adding into it towards the end of it’s simmer, some heavy cream and cayenne pepper. I also found some black olives in the fridge, left over from a salad, so I diced those up and added them into the mix. The fresh and lovely sauce stuck to the pasta without being thick, and so when I opened this bottle of wine that I’d pulled from the cellar earlier in the day, any and all burdens had been lightened.
The wine aged nicely, not giving up any of it’s boldness or strength. In addition to those qualities it became mellow and gentle. Sophisticated.
When you give certain wines time and proper temperature considerations, when you let them rest, the pay-off is big. This wine was a prime example of such an equation.


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