Roasted Red Peppers And Olive Tapenade (vegan)


We had so much fun at the home of our friends and neighbors, Trish and Sally, on Saturday. They invited all of us neighbors and friends to some great outdoor fun. Here in our beautiful little Borough of Doylestown, large side yards aren’t the norm. But they have one and we made good use of it yesterday. We played a round of croquet and quite a few games of bean bag toss. We got out the baseball mitts and played catch and the kids got us older folks to play tag.
All of this good fun and laughter was accompanied by delicious and healthy food. Now, I have to admit that Sandy and I bought the olive tapenade (regular and spicy) because we just didn’t have time to make it and the only thing I did to contribute to this dish was roast the peppers on the grill. Sandy skinned the peppers and cut them into bite size slabs, layered them with garlic and oil and then arranged this colorful dish. She paired this beauty with a basket of sliced baguette rounds and crackers.
As for the wines served? ….. too many to list!
What a great day!


4 thoughts on “Roasted Red Peppers And Olive Tapenade (vegan)

  1. Sooooo much fun, and the tapenade was fabulous, not to mention beautifully presented. Perfect way to celebrate the longest day of the year.

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