Why We Love Bill Vandegrift Appliances


So there we were Friday, late afternoon. Sandy had whipped up two of her cheesecakes, a small one for us and one to take to a neighborhood Christmas party on Saturday, when our oven died. This was serious business. Not only did we have the cheesecakes to bake, but Sunday we had to make Christmas cookies, Monday there were almond cookies to make for a dinner party we were invited to later that evening and a pound cake for a celebration with friends Christmas night. There was also the Christmas dinner of roast beef, yorkshire pudding….etc.
We called our neighbor and was assured her oven would be available to us on Saturday to finish the cheesecakes. But what would we do about our other cooking and baking commitments?
Saturday morning, after my yoga class at Dragonfly Yoga Studio, we drove over to Bill Vandegrifts Appliances, where we’ve always bought all of our appliances, whatever they might be. We found a range that hadn’t been unpacked yet and bought it. Then we engaged in a mild act of begging. We asked him if there was any way we could get the range that day. He suggested it could happen.
Around 2:30 Saturday afternoon, I got a phone call: “It’s on the back of the truck, can I come now”?
In ten minutes he was at our house, installed the new range with a new gas line and drove away with our old range on the truck.
He saved us! Bill Vandegrift Appliances saved our holiday!
This is the service you get with a family owned, highly reputable business. It really is all about making the customer happy. You might pay a few dollars more than you would at a big box store, but it’s not even an issue for us. Their knowledge, service and dependability are what makes them so special, not to mention their great selection of appliances.
It pays to shop locally for everything. Getting to know the people you do business with and getting to know the people at Vandegrifts was one of the best moves we made all those years ago.


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