Spring Parmagiano


I’ve recently made a new friend, Lucienne, and our conversations, more and more, have delved into the many fine taste sensations of Italian cuisine.
Last weekend she introduced me to something new: Spring Parmagiano. (there is Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Parmagiano) I’d never heard of it and to my knowledge, have never tasted it. Now, you can see from the recipes on my blog, I cook a lot of Italian food. I use Parmagiano cheese often and I buy the best I can find in this area. But I’ve never tasted anything like the Spring Parmagiano she brought back for me from Di Palo’s on Grand Street in NYC. The Spring Parmagiano is sweeter and less likely to crumble than the Parmagiano I’m used to. Throughout the cheese there are crunchy little crystals. It is, as Lucienne says, divine! She suggested tasting the cheese with a sliced pear, which I did and, she’s right. Divine is the word to use when describing this cheese.
Find some of this cheese and give it a try….. but I must issue this warning: you might not ever go back to the grocery store version of Parmagiano again. Enjoy!


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