Play With Your Food!


I recently bought some stacks from Fante’s in Philadelphia. This is, also, where I found my beautiful corzetti stamp. In any case, I thought it’s time for me to be more creative or to “play with my food”. So, serving with our filet mignons this afternoon, I decided to stack the vegetables.
Here’s what I did: My friends Judy and Peter brought back for me, from Barcelona, dehydrated porcini mushrooms, so I rehydrated a few of them on the stove with red wine. I made mashed potatoes and boiled some fresh green beans cut into 1 inch pieces. I also made a shallot, port wine reduction sauce. (I’m leaving the salt and pepper amounts to your discretion)
In the stack I first put a couple of tablespoons of mashed potatoes, then a layer of porcini mushrooms, topped that with a layer of green beans, then another few tablespoons of mashed potatoes. I finished the stack off with a few pieces of green beans then smothered everything in the shallot, port wine reduction sauce.
Beautiful….delicious and, fun!

Wine Served: 1999, Vignamaggio, Chianti Classico Riserva


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